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Ramen Variety Pack

Ramen Variety Pack

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Our Variety Ramen Pack contains three seasoning mixes to make flavorful ramen, chicken, rice, salmon, broth, and many other creative uses. 

The Ramen Bundle includes one each of the following seasonings:

  • Chicken Ramen Seasoning 
  • Beef Ramen Seasoning 
  • Spicy Ramen Seasoning 

We created a custom bouillon mix since all bullion mixes had extra additives like palm oil, yeast extract, or soybean oil. We wanted to be as allergy friendly as possible, and we are excited to announce that it's free from soy, nut, msg, gluten, dairy, and shellfish.  

Our bottles are big. 110 Servings per bottle. 

The two-year shelf life on unopened bottles. For max freshness, consume within six months of opening. Store out of direct sunlight and in a cool, dry location. 

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