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Clean Monday Meals



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I compiled my previous freezer meal books (Edition 2 & 5) into one cookbook. 

If you have previously purchased my freezer meal cookbooks, you already have these recipes. I combined Edition 2 and Edition 5 into one cookbook to save on cost and make them more convenient. 

Additional information:

  • 27 different freezer meal recipes 
  • All are gluten-free 
  • Most are dairy-free 

Why do I love freezer meals?

It takes me three hours in the kitchen to make two weeks' worth (14 meals) of dinners at a cost of roughly $12 per meal to feed my family of seven. Remember that my kids are younger, so one of my freezer meals easily feeds us.

Another reason why I love freezer meals is that you can make them with one or two of your closest friends or family members. You split the cost of the groceries to make each meal even less expensive and walk away with weeks' worth of meals and great conversation. Win-Win! 

Lastly, I love and recommend freezer meals to anyone with a busy schedule, a newborn baby, or anyone who needs less stress in their life because you don't have to think about what to cook for dinner. You pull it out of your freezer, cut open the ziplock bag, dump it in your crop pot 4-6 hours in advance, and voila. Dinner!

Book Details: Overall Dimensions 8.5" x 11"

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