What's In Your Onion Soup Mix?!

What's In Your Onion Soup Mix?!


Is it safe to say most of us grew up with Lipton soup mix in our cabinets or pantries? Kevin and I certainly did. It has become a staple of so many recipes for soups, dips, roasts, and potatoes.

After my celiac diagnosis, I had to start reading labels, and I'm sure, like many of you, I was shocked at some of the ingredients found in many of the staple products in my kitchen. One of those products I could no longer eat was Lipton onion soup mix. Swipe to the second image to see why celiacs can't eat it. 

Long before I started selling my onion soup mix, I was making it at home and storing mason jars in my spice cupboard. It took a lot of trial and error to get the flavor and taste, as I remember. Kevin is always my Guinea pig because he can taste the real thing to compare. Even he prefers the freshness and full, beefy flavor of mine over Lipton now.

When creating my products, I strive to make them clean so those of us with food restrictions can enjoy and feel included. I am so proud that my onion soup mix is the cleanest I have come across. We had to custom develop an all-natural beef bouillon because all the options we could find had fillers that would leave out so many people with food allergies.

You can check out my onion soup mix and all my other seasonings on my website, cleanmondaymeals.com

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