Thank you for sharing, Eric's story with us!

Thank you for sharing, Eric's story with us!

This hits home, almost same story as our Kolbie girl!! Thank you for sharing with us @hernandezjpr

I often say that things happen for a reason, and I am constantly reminded how true that is. I originally started following you because of your vision for clean meals and your meal prep ideas. Soon after, your daughter was diagnosed with Type 1. Just like my son, Eric. He was diagnosed in 2018. I started to notice some signs and called the Dr for an emergency checkup. I’m sure the nurse thought I was crazy when I told her that I thought he had diabetes. I remember she asked, ‘how do you know is diabetes?’ I just know! I have a feeling. And sure enough, we were sent to the hospital immediately. It was hard, very hard. But Eric is just like Kolbie, they are a ray of sunshine! He was such a trooper. And he embraced it. Knowing that he could eat everything, as long as he dosed accordingly, was such a relief.

Fast forward 1 or 2 weeks after diagnosis, we got a call from the ER Endo. Eric’s celiac indicators came high. I was livid! Why are they telling me this now, and not at the hospital? I really didn’t know how this worked. I was amazed at how much more prepared I was for diabetes than celiac.

After an endoscopy, the GI confirmed the diagnosis. Eric is asymptomatic so if it wasn’t because of his Type I we probably would’ve discovered that he had celiac late in the process. Learning that this is a silent disease was heart breaking. Not having symptoms was even harder because Eric was too little to clearly understand the consequences of not changing his diet. For little kids, I find that dealing with celiac is more challenging than diabetes. Not being able to enjoy a cupcake at their friends’ bdays, not being able to enjoy pizza during hot lunch in school, not being able to go to a restaurant and order a burger or chicken nuggets we found that all the kids’ staples were out of reach. We felt single-out!

It took some adjusting and tons of research. We worked as a team and became GF as a family. We found GF brands that we like, we have many restaurants that offer GF options, and we are evolving together. 🤍

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