PCOS Journey Update

PCOS Journey Update

I've been feeling that I need to share my PCOS journey with you guys.

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I talk about it but not often, and there are always new followers, so maybe this will help one of you find answers.

Sixteen months ago, my doctors diagnosed me with PCOS. This surprise diagnosis came after five years of trying to conceive our fourth child with no luck and more miscarriages than I care to remember. I never thought I would deal with infertility since I very quickly had our first three children. I am genuinely sorry for those who have been through infertility and those that are still going through it, and I love you. Infertility is lonely, miserable, frustrating, confusing, hopeful, shame-inducing, daunting, etc. etc. Infertility is every emotion, and it’s rough. If you are currently battling it, I feel for you, my heart goes out to you, and I wish I could hug every one of you. ❤️

Before my diagnosis, my body felt off. So many things with my body were changing for the worse. Besides dealing with infertility, I started feeling fatigued; I gained weight that I couldn’t seem to lose; I felt puffy like I was retaining water. The biggest thing that killed my self-esteem was ACNE! I started getting acne at age 29!! What the heck!? I tried so many things to get rid of it, but it never got better.
Finally, I decided that I needed to get my hormones checked (again) and see what was causing these symptoms.

After getting my results back, confirming I had PCOS, I got on some medication (Spironolactone) put myself on a dairy-free diet because being gluten-free due to celiac disease wasn’t enough 😏😉. The first thirty days of detoxing from dairy were crazy! I got so sick; it was the worst cold I can remember ever having. But after the first month, I felt like a new person! I noticed I wasn’t so tired anymore. My face started to clear up, and it didn’t look so puffy.

Here is the craziest part of this story

After just two months of being 100% dairy-free, I missed my cycle.

Come to find out I was PREGNANT with my Scottie Girl!

I can’t say going dairy-free will help everyone. BUT WHAT IF!? I hope that my story will inspire you or someone to keep seeking answers and not give up in your battle with infertility.


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