My Worst Nightmare

My Worst Nightmare

One of my worst nightmares came true last night. As I was heading to bed, I checked Kolbie's blood sugar, and she was dropping pretty fast. Kevin and I both tried to call her, but she wasn't answering her phone. As time passed, she kept dropping, and her sensor just read LOW. (which is below 40)

I was panicking because I couldn't get a hold of Kolbie. I tried again, and her coach answered her phone and told me she wasn't doing well. They told me they had already called 911, and the paramedics were there. The phone was handed over to one of them, and they explained to me that Kolbie was unresponsive, and they were doing an IV with a sugar drip in it.

Kevin and I jumped in our car to meet her, but it was an hour's drive away. They called me back again and told me they needed to transport her to the hospital by ambulance. That hour drive felt like the longest hour of my life. I didn't have a lot of answers, but I knew she wasn't responsive. This happened once before, but I was the one that found her seizing. A lot of those scary memories came back during the drive. I was a mess.

When we arrived at the hospital, she was stable, and her blood sugars were finally climbing back up. Kevin and I embraced her and tried to get her to talk to us. Seeing us at the hospital was the first thing she remembered. She doesn't remember anything that happened after she fell asleep that night.

I feel so blessed that the girl staying in her room with her also has type one and felt the bed shaking and woke up to Kolbie seizing. She quickly called 911 and then ran and grabbed the coaches. She acted so fast and saved Kolbie's life. Her coaches stayed by her side until we arrived, they rode with her in the ambulance and everything. We have the best people in our life who always show up big time. 

We are home now. Kolbie is resting. She is exhausted and out of it still, but she is stable. We are all home together and she's okay.
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