My Acne After Being Dairy Free

I am so shocked at how my body has responded to the elimination of dairy from my diet. I battled acne for what seems like forever and little did I know that the acne was my body trying to communicate that something was wrong with my diet; heaven forbid, removing gluten wasn’t enough 😉

I am not the type of person who only believes that healing should be done naturally and not through modern medicine, but the more I learn, the more I realize that the body is so AMAZING, and when given the right nutrients, it at times can heal itself.  The picture with my Daughter Kolbie was taken this past July 2017, and the photo with my Grandpa was taken Feb 2018. The lighting is different, but the camera and focal length are the same.

I am envious of my tan from July but nothing else. My face is covered in acne that I was trying hard to cover up, and my face looks puffy. There isn’t a miraculous 40lb weight difference in these pictures; the changes are much more to me. I look healthier and feel even better.

If you have been wondering if you should get off of Dairy, I would suggest you do. I personally feel so much better off of it. And if you don’t believe me, look at my Instagram on this same post and see all of the comments from others confirming what I’m saying.

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