Lori Bruner

Lori Bruner

Thank you @loribruner for sharing your story about you and your son!

When I was diagnosed 3 years ago, I felt very alone and didn't have much direction from anyone on how to cook and what to buy.  I started looking on Instagram and found Clean Monday Meals.  Watching how this busy mom handles cooking safe, delish, healthy meals for her family helped me realize if she can do this while raising littles then I can handle it as well.

My 24 yro son made the decision to get tested and was recently diagnosed with Celiac.  My heart was hurt for him having to deal with this as a young adult on his own.  He looks to me for support and help now and Im so happy to have more knowledge and advice to share.  On the bright side “we have each other” and it helps so much to not feel alone at holidays and just every day meal planning.

When I was told “It gets easier” I would think God I hope that’s true.  I can say now it has gotten easier, but you need to be prepared. 

Thanks, Janae, for your support and encouragement from far away.

Lori, her son and husband

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