A Pity Party But Not For Me

A Pity Party But Not For Me

Some days are much harder than others when living 
with an autoimmune disease.
Janae Cox with Kevin Cox

Being the spouse to someone with an auto-immune disease is not easy

I haven’t had a super hard, feel sorry for myself because I have to eat Gluten-Free, day for a while. I feel like they come in waves, but today it was a different kind of I feel bad/be sad about it day. It wasn’t about me. It wasn’t me crying because I failed another cookie recipe or because I couldn’t order whatever I wanted off the menu.

My husband @thekevincoxshow is a phenomenal support system and would never in a million years make me feel bad about food, but today I felt super bad for HIM. We were talking about going on a date, and I could feel the back of my throat kind of swell up as I swallowed, like I wanted to cry and just say I’m sorry to him. I’m sorry that everything we do revolves around me and eating. That going out on a date is starting to get boring because if we choose to do a restaurant, we have already likely been there at least a few times. We tend to say no to family functions and eating out because, honestly, sometimes it’s just too hard and because Kevin would never want me to feel left out or alone. I know he doesn’t care, I know he loves me and supports me unconditionally in everything we do, but I can’t help but feel sorry. I feel guilty that because of me, we say no, and because of me, date nights are harder.

Sometimes it feels so lonely in this gluten-free world, and other times, I feel so on top of the world. This page is my outlet to be able to share with all of you, so we don’t feel so alone since so many of us are fighting the same battle. I hope and pray that your support system is as amazing as mine, but know if it isn’t or you don’t have one, I am here to support you, you are not alone, and we are in this together. This, to me, is what this Instagram community is all about! 

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