A little over a year ago

A little over a year ago, I got the courage to start this page. It began with me sharing my passion and love of meal prep and slowly evolved into me being vulnerable and opening up about the most significant struggles I face with Celiac Disease and now PCOS.

As I look back at the last three years of my life and the things I have endured, I am so grateful to be where I am. Trust me when I tell you the news of Celiacs and PCOS rocked my world, and I didn’t know how I would get through it. I was scared, overwhelmed, depressed, sad, and angry. I couldn’t have pulled through without my amazing husband, friends, and you guys. There were constant nudges from those close to me to share my stories, thinking they could help others going through similar trials. Since I was a small child, I have always been happiest when serving others. I never imagined I might get the opportunity to help so many through social media.

I believe with my whole heart that we are given trials in our lives to help others through theirs. To my surprise, I have received countless messages of gratitude for sharing my stories, recipes, and advice. I honestly didn’t think there were so many of us going through similar trials. For any of you who are currently feeling overwhelmed, I say, DO NOT give up. It does get easier. Because of this Instagram account, I feel somewhat of a responsibility to figure out gluten and dairy-free options that taste amazing so I can help those like myself.

It empowers me to know you care about what I share. It makes me feel like my trials are less of a burden and more of a puzzle I must figure out. I guess what I am trying to say is thank you so much for following along and inspiring me. ❤️

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