Telling My Kolbie The Truth About Santa

This Christmas was emotionally difficult for me. We told our oldest about “Santa,” and I think it broke my heart just as much as it broke hers. The night it happened, I had to hide my face as I wiped the tears away, so she didn’t see me crying too. I wish we could hold onto their youth forever. I was so scared and worried that I ruined her Christmas, and it wasn’t going to be magical or special. I had significant Mom guilt for waiting to tell her until tonight.

I think the way we told her was perfect for her and her personality. We wrote her this letter:

After she read it twice, we had a long talk, and she went to bed sad but with a great attitude. The next morning she woke up like her usual happy self and was phenomenal about keeping the magic alive for the other kids and even moved our elf a few times when I forgot to.

Tonight I got them all to bed and she snuck in my room and gave me the biggest hug ever and told me to thank you for everything and that Christmas was still so magical. It brought me to tears. I hate when they grow up, but moments like these I will hold onto forever.

Merry Christmas, I hope your day was filled with so much love!

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