Making Dinner Just Became Easier!

100's of gluten and dairy-free recipes right in your pocket!

ONLY $9.99/MONTH OR $99.99/YEAR!

  • Every week, you will receive access to 1 breakfast option, 4 meal options, and a snack!

  • All recipes are Gluten and Dairy-free. Directions and nutritional information are included!

  • Get a ready-to-shop list of all ingredients, adjusted by serving size!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes! There is nothing keeping you locked into the membership, except meals that everyone will love. But if you wish to cancel, feel free to reach out or you can cancel through the customer portal or the app store. Your customer portal can be found in menu (top left of the page) and click on the meal plan membership.  If you downloaded the app through the Apple or Android app store then you can cancel through the app store and the subscription section.

How do I access the customer portal to manage my subcription?

Easily access the customer portal to manage any order or your subscription details by visiting and selecting the account icon in the menu. From there, you will either login, or create your account.

How do I access the Meal Plan Membership software?

After signing up, you will receive an automated email with your invitation to access the Meal Plan Membership. For quick access, we recommend from your mobile device, cligking the share icon from your web browser, and selecting "Add to Home Screen." Or, you can access the Membership software anytime by visiting and selecting, "Login."