Veggie Snack Cups

Veggie Snack Cups

Veggie Snack Cups

Click here to watch the step-by-step video


  • 1 Container hummus
  • 1 Red pepper (Sliced thin)
  • Celery (Sliced thin)
  • Carrot sticks
  • Sweet potato crackers (I use @rwgarciasnacks)


  1. Cut all veggies to similar size.
  2. Add hummus to the bottom of container and then add veggies.
  3. Top with crackers.
  4. Enjoy!!

I love using these plastic cups for meal prep. They are super versatile. Typically, I make fruit and yogurt parfaits with them but today I made some veggie snack cups. Click here for the link

Not a fan of hummus, you can use sour cream (Use @foragerproject for dairy-free) mixed with my ranch seasoning for a veggie dip instead. 

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