Kolbies Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis

Kolbies Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis

The story of Kolbie's Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis

Kolbie Cox with Janae Cox

My emotions are everywhere right now. I am trying to stay strong for my Kolbie girl, but this is hard.

Kolbie Cox with Kevin Cox

On July 7th, 2020, we ended up in the ER because Kolbie had been so sick the past few days. Upon arrival, the doctors immediately checked her blood sugar levels, and the machine just flashed the word ‘HIGH.’ It didn’t even show a number. I looked at the nurse, and I instantly knew it wasn’t a good thing. Come to find out her blood sugar was at 730! Normal blood sugar levels are between 80-150. After some time, one of the doctors pulled me aside and said, they were running tests to confirm, but it looks like Type 1 Diabetes. Instantly, I felt like I was in a fog. I felt like I did at the time of my Celiac Disease diagnosis. I couldn’t believe it. My mind raced, and I didn’t understand how it was even possible. I prayed the doctor was wrong, but after a little bit more time and more results came in, they admitted us into the Pediatric ICU with a diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes for our sweet Kolbie girl.

Kolbie Cox on her way to the pediatric wing

Kolbie has been fantastic throughout all of this. She’s my hero!!! Last night when we were snuggling in the hospital bed, she broke down and cried and cried. She was scared, sad, angry, and nervous about her future. She’s 11, and going into 6th grade, which that alone is a very emotional time for a young girl. So I just hugged her, kissed her and cried with her. I know we will get through this hard thing with the support of each other and so many loved ones. If anyone can do this, I know it’s my Kolbie. She has always been so strong and unique about hard things in life. She is so incredibly positive.

Those of you that know Kolbie, know she is the sweetest, kindest soul in the whole world. She is an example of love and light to everyone around her.

Kolbie Cox with her fist test kit

I’m scared of not being enough for her, for not doing everything right and screwing things up. I’m anxious for the days to come. I have the usual mom guilt of what I could have done differently, or better. I’ve shamed myself for having celiac disease and possibly being the one that genetically passed this along to her even though in my heart, I KNOW it’s not true. As I said, emotions have been high.

If I have learned anything about trials, it is that on the other side of our struggle, we can help others with theirs. I’m asking you tonight to say a prayer for someone you love that may need an extra blessing brought to them for whatever they may be battling, a reminder that they are loved.

We have felt the prayers on our end and will continue to pray for others around us.

Kolbie Cox excited to leave utah valley hospital

Thank you!


Janae Cox

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