This story is about cute Ayva and Jase

This story is about cute Ayva and Jase

This story is about cute Ayva and Jase. They are such warriors. Megan you are just as much as a warrior as your cute kiddos. Diabetes is no joke for everyone involved. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us @meggie.brooke

In December 2020, I noticed that my daughter Ayva was drinking water constantly. She started wetting the bed which was completely unusual for her. We checked her blood sugar and it was over 300.

I work in the medical field and knew how life altering type 1 diabetes is. I was devastated. We took her to the children's hospital ER where she was officially diagnosed at the age of 4.

About six months later just as we were feeling like we were getting the hang of things, my son Jase started showing the same symptoms. He had just turned 7.

Diabetes is a daily battle. But I'm so grateful for modern technology. My kids have shown such strength. I am in awe of how they take it all in stride. Although I wouldn't wish this on anyone, I'm glad that they have each other. We have our bad days still but I'm hopeful that things will continually get better. We were blessed with quick diagnoses. I hope that our story is able to help others.

Thank you again,
Megan Hughes Higgins
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