The Weller’s

The Weller’s

Thank you, @mrsweller1029, for sharing your story with us!! Brings back a lot of memories. 2020 was the same year for both our diagnoses for Kolbie girl.

Celiac disease smacked us in the face in 2020 on top of our then 2-year-old’s Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis during the pandemic. Looking back at these pictures, we had no idea how sick our girl was. We were so lucky to find out before her body went into DKA due to lack of insulin, as her pancreas could not produce it. We only discovered that she also had celiac due to the routine bloodwork at her diabetes diagnosis.

Celiac has been a tough, tough journey on top of everything else in our lives, changing suddenly. But our girl is now thriving due to the change. She gained eight much-needed lbs in that first year after the gluten-free switch, and her diet has definitely changed for the better. The first days after diagnosis feel so crushing, but there’s always a light at the end.

We are so thankful for the resources and recipes available, including @cleanmondaymeals!

The Weller’s

Pictures are as follows.
July 2020

May 2021

June 2021

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