This story is about Annie

This story is about Annie

This is @staciekincaid story that she shared with me in honor of Celiac Awareness Month.

The photo on the left is the day they admitted us to the hospital. The one on right is last week. The way she's healed in 3 months is miraculous.

After 10 days at Primary Children's Hospital, some tests/ procedures and a few surgeries, they ruled out nerve problems and muscle problems. The doctors had tested Annie for celiac at my pleading back in October but it came back negative. Before we were admitted to the hospital, they ran bloodwork again and on our 9th day there, Lo and behold, it came back that she did in fact have Celiac disease. They say there's 4 levels and she is at the upper end of 3. Our sweet baby was so dang sick.

Her whole digestive system was shot and her body was unable to absorb any nutrients (looking at these photos still makes me cry.) She came home with a PICC line and we gave her loads of nutrition that way for a week-until she scared me half to death and pulled out the PICC line during a nap.

We begged to not have another surgery to put it back in and promised to get her all the calories she needed - we introduced her to Pediasure and girl was hooked. (Hello, 7lbs in 3 months) As she's healed, she's started eating more and more and we are getting a hang of this gluten free life.

She's happy and feisty and healthy and doing all the things a 20 month old should do like telling her siblings "mine" and "no."

We're so grateful for the prayers and the concern. Of all the things, we feel like we have a village around us who supports us and love us and we can do this.

We realize getting a diagnosis this early is nearly impossible and we are so grateful to now know and get her all the things she needs. It was scary and a whirlwind and I know Heavenly Father had us the whole time- and still does. 

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