Meet cute Emerson

Meet cute Emerson

Thank you for sharing your story with us @stephaniemargothenry!! Cute Emerson was also diagnosed with celiac disease just like our Kolbie girl.

Emerson is a vibrant and active 9 year old who enjoys just about everything she does. Just over 2 1/2 years ago we saw her sparkle fade. Emi easily tired and her energy was completely gone. Her skin was pale, dark circles appeared under her eyes, and her weight was dropping. One day she asked if she could trade her small school water bottle for my large size because she was always refilling it as she was extremely thirsty and used the restroom constantly.

My heart sank as I knew something was definitely wrong but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I listed off my concerns at an appointment with her Pediatrician and with a quick finger stick I was told her glucose was almost 700. (Typical range varies between 80-110). The doctor also had a urine test which came back with high ketones.

We went directly to the Children’s Hospital for a few days inpatient stay and a parental crash course in Type 1 Diabetes management came next. As her Mom I was crushed and I wish I could stop time to absorb everything I was learning but life kept moving. Emerson was resilient and amazing, through tears, we dosed her life saving insulin injections and slowly our daughter’s sweet smile returned.

Type 1 Diabetes is a difficult 24/7 disease which has many variables. Now Emerson wears a Dexcom CGM for glucose readings and an Omnipod insulin pump. I admire my daughter and all she goes through and how its shaped her as a person. We support the JDRF and their continued research and development towards a CURE for T1D!

(Know the 4 T’s of Type 1: Toilet, Tired, Thinner, Thirsty)
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