List of safe places to eat in Utah

List of safe places to eat in Utah

It’s the weekend! This means date nights and eating out! It is typically fun to go out on a date or out with friends but having Celiac Disease makes it a bit more daunting.

My amazing friend Courtney from @travelingglutenfreemom has taken the time to help people like you and I by creating this phenomenal list of places we can eat at!! Bookmark it, tag your friends, and feel a lot less stressed this weekend knowing there are places you can enjoy too!! 😘 ✨CELIAC SAFE DINING IN SALT LAKE CITY✨

I have had a lot of requests for lists of Celiac Safe restaurants in different cities and figured I would start compiling them. I have separated it into three lists. The first is DEDICATED GLUTEN-FREE facilities. The second are facilities that have gotten 90% or higher ratings for preventing cross-contamination, so they are CELIAC SAFE. The last is for restaurants with lots of GLUTEN-FREE OPTIONS. Follow #tgfceliacsafedining for a quick Instagram dining guide to different cities 🌎

▪️ @zestslc (age 21+)
▪️ @brickcanvascafe
▪️ Taco Cartel
▪️ O’Crowley’s Irish Tacos
▪️ @new_grains_gf_bakery
▪️ @goodfoodglutenfreebakery
▪️ @sweetcakeut

▪️ @corelifeeateryut
▪️ @thepiepizzeria🍕
▪️ @pulpslc
▪️ @ittosushi 🍣
▪️ @spudtoddos
▪️ @bombayhouseutah
▪️ @rodiziogrill
▪️ @astroburgersslc
▪️ @rusticchicken
▪️ @pizzastudio_utah
▪️ Joy Luck
▪️ The Grand America Hotel
▪️ Tucci’s Cucina Italiana
▪️ Bona Vita Restaurant
▪️ Cafe Trang
▪️ Six Sister’s Deli & Grill
▪️ Mazza’s Middle Eastern Restaurant
▪️ Oh Mai
▪️ Tsunami Restaurant & Sushi Bar✨

▪️ @cubbys
▪️ @pfchangs
▪️ @innout
▪️ @costavida
▪️ @squattersbeers
▪️ @tinangelcafe
▪️ @stonegroundkitchen
▪️ @settebellosaltlake
▪️ @taqueria27
▪️ @takashi_slc
▪️ @blue.lemon
▪️ @oasiscafeslc
▪️ @tucanosusa
▪️ @californiapizzakitchen
▪️ @eastlibertytaphouse
▪️ @citycakesslc
▪️ @peiweiasiankitchen
▪️ @aubergineandcompany
▪️ @barbacoa_mexican_grill
▪️ @mollieandollies
▪️ @aubergineandcompany
▪️ @rootscafeslc
▪️ @settebellopizzeria
▪️ Spaghetti Factory
▪️ Pho Thin
▪️ Couscous Mediterranean Grill
▪️ Ekamai Thai
▪️ Red Iguana 2
▪️ Sawadee
▪️ Some Vietnamese Bistro✨

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