Kolbie Girl's 3 Year Diabetes Anniversary

Kolbie Girl's 3 Year Diabetes Anniversary

It's hard to believe that Kolbie has had Diabetes for 3 years now! I am continually amazed with her and the strong person she is becoming despite her autoimmune diseases. I've been thinking lately, how do you describe to someone who doesn't deal with an autoimmune disease like Celiac Disease or Diabetes what it's like living with them? I've contemplated this thought a lot as I watch Kolbie grow up. I guess it's similar for someone who runs marathons to explain to someone who sits on their couch all day what it's like training and competing in a marathon. Like it's kind of incomprehensible unless you experience it yourself, Right?

Lately, as I sit back and watch Kolbie, I so badly want to help everyone understand how strong she is but, not just Kolbie, everyone who silently, courageously kicks the butt of their disease. I want to make sure she knows it's okay for her confidence to grow as she overcomes every new challenge that she shouldn't have to face but is. It's mind-blowing to me because she doesn't even realize how much more difficult her life is compared to the life she would have if she didn't have Diabetes or Celiac Disease. Many of our innocent children don't know the difference. Because this is their new normal.

But here's the thing; I do. Because I do, I want the world to know how impressive it is to silently and courageously face each new day with a smile and a great attitude while you battle an invisible force that has the power to ruin every day for you if you let it.

If you are in a similar position as Kolbie or myself, here is your daily reminder to roll your shoulders back, hold your head up high, breathe deeply, smile, and celebrate that you're a badass. You are bigger than any autoimmune disease or illness you are facing. Not everyone can or will understand what you're facing, and that's okay. But know; I do.

I am giving all you warriors the biggest digital bear hug I can. I love you and hope you feel my love and admiration through the phone!

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