HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE at Splash Summit Provo, UT

HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE at Splash Summit Provo, UT


I just spoke to the ADA and the @splashsummitwaterpark manager lied to me.

There is not a specific guideline of how much food can be brought in for a Type 1 diabetic and celiac.

This is discrimination and I will not be taking this lightly. I will advocate for all of us families dealing with the same thing.


The current update is that while we were out boating today and didn't have service, I got an email at 1:00 saying they tried to call me and that I could email them back to set up a time.

I emailed them back at 6 pm when I got service. I also got another email from a follower and copied the same email on that owner. Neither email has been responded to yet.

I am hoping to make this all right on Monday when everyone is opened back up. I will continue to update you because you all have been unbelievably supportive and amazing. Thank you for supporting our family in this fight!

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