Hallee Moak

Hallee Moak

Thank you for sharing your story with us @hallee.moak

My symptoms of celiac disease started when I was 14. I was told I have an iron deficiency along with a few other deficiencies. I started taking vitamins and that was that.

Throughout high school I had tons of stomach problems, constantly tired, dizzy, and many other issues. All the answers I got were just temporary fixes. My junior year, I decided I had a sensitivity to gluten and limited my intake some. I was told by so many people that it was all in my head or I was making it up.

In 2021 I started a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. That’s when my symptoms got worse. I couldn’t control what I ate a lot of the time and was bedridden often or just barely getting by. I went to a gastrologist after being on my mission for a few months, he told me that I needed to get an endoscopy as soon as I could because of how serious my symptoms were. A few weeks later I was sent home and a few weeks after that I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. It has been just over a year since being diagnosed.

Though having celiac is not easy, I’m so happy I found answers. 



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