FOUR of the seven of us have celiac disease - The Hoyals

FOUR of the seven of us have celiac disease - The Hoyals

Thank you @karahoyal for sharing your family's story with all of us! 🤍

Our daughters have always had "weird health"... but I didn't ever think that it could be an autoimmune disease. Until in February of 2022, I was laying by my daughter in such digestive pain that she couldn't get up. I realized that as her mama, I had to do something--anything. So, I called my friend to see how to go gluten-free. She wisely advised us to have them get tested before going off gluten "just to rule out celiac disease." Well, the tests came back positive, so our family of 7 all got tested. And wham-bam, FOUR of the seven of us have celiac disease.

It's been a wild year, but our kids have learned how to be assertive about what they need, how to communicate better, and more especially, they have learned to have a lot of empathy for people in general. I am so proud of each member our family as we've transitioned to the celiac family life.

(I have to do a quick shout out to @mariehoyal who so bravely and faithfully went on a mission for our church 9 months after being diagnosed. Celiac disease is a lot to navigate on a mission and she has been a warrior in so many ways!!)

And while it's been frustrating and overwhelming (tears in the grocery store more than once), and a huge learning curve, so many of our family and friends have jumped in to love and take care of us—it's been humbling, to say the least.

So, if you've been recently diagnosed, it may feel very isolating, but there's a village for you. From amazing Instagram connections (thank you @cleanmondaymeals), to friends and family who changed the way they shop and cook just for your family. Being diagnosed with celiac disease has shown us how much good is around us. ♥️

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