15 Things New Mothers Need!

15 Things New Mothers Need!

I am currently raising my fourth child (Scottie), but in so many ways, it feels I am new to the baby world with a five-year gap between my third and fourth.

It feels like I am a first time Mom again because I gave away all of my baby supplies before having Scottie. The saying “Hindsight is 20/20” is true because I could have saved us a lot of money if we’d kept our baby supplies.

  1. Swaddle blankets

    MEBIE BABY makes my favorite swaddle blankets are made. Here is what I love about them; the size, the material, and how they hold together to keep a more secure swaddle. Other swaddles that I have come loose with just a few wiggles from Scottie.

  2. Diapers

    I have used Pampers, Huggies, Brandless, and Kirkland diapers. My favorite brand is Pampers, but a drawback to using Pampers is that I can’t buy them in bulk at Costco. Because of that, I use Huggies the most. My least favorite diaper is the Kirkland brand because they don’t hide the smell nearly as well as the other two.

  3. Wipes

    I buy in bulk and have used the Kirkland wipes from Costco with all four of my kids. Nothing too special about them other than they work, and they are affordable.

  4. Baby Bath

    I received this baby bath as a gift and loved it. A huge plus is it’s only $19.99!

  5. DocATot

    I have a love/like relationship with this product because of the cost. I do not like how expensive it is. It costs $175, but I do like how well Scottie sleeps in it no matter where we go. Another negative to the DocAtot is its size. I drive a Ford Explorer, and it feels tiny when we’re packing for a simple weekend trip, especially with the DocAtot.

  6. Kirkland Formula

    I wish I didn’t need to feed my babies formula, but unfortunately, my milk supply has always been nearly non-existent. I first tried to feed Scottie HIPP Organic because, after hours of research, I felt this brand was the closest to Mother’s milk and is very high quality. Unfortunately, Scottie’s tummy decided that it didn’t like it, and she became constipated. The next formula I tried was the most recommended from all of my followers: the Kirkland Formula. Since day one, Scottie has done fantastic eating it; her bowel movements are natural and consistent. Another huge plus to the Kirkland Formula is the cost!

  7. Diaper Genie

    I cannot believe this is the first baby I have had with one of these and they are AMAZING. It amazes me how well they mask the smell of dirty diapers. Another big plus to the Diaper Genie is the refills can be found at Costco and are not that expensive.

  8. Binky’s or Pacifiers

    I have used these for all of my kids and have loved them.

  9. Binky Clips

    These clips are great because they will also double as something for babies to teeth on.

  10. Diaper Caddy

    I leave this caddy in my living room and use it daily. I love the simple changing pad, how many diapers it has, and the overall size of this little caddy. I have a smaller living room, and I feel like this caddy is just small enough to sort of “hide” in my small space.

  11. Avent Bottles

    If you have done any Google searches on the best baby bottles, you will see these are very highly rated. I have used them with all of my kids and had great luck with them every time.

  12. High Quality Camera

    My husband (Kevin) loves history and is always saying, “History is written by those who document it.” Over the years, I have learned to appreciate that statement more and more because of how many pictures and videos he has taken of our family. Being a mother of four, I look back and can’t believe how quickly the time has flown by. Whether you are snapping pictures on your iPhone or can afford a DSLR Camera, take more photos than you think is necessary.

  13. Rock n’ Play

    Scottie has done well in the Rock n’ Play I linked at the beginning, but at times I wish I would have gotten this one because it also vibrates.

  14. Boppy nursing and position pillow

    The first few weeks, as my older kids learned how to hold a baby, this Pillow was worth its weight in gold! The kids also loved using the Boppy because it would support their arms while they held Scottie.

  15. Playmat

    Scottie is now almost four months old, and she loves playing with the toys and kicking the keys by her feet.


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