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Last Night I Ugly Cried Because Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is HARD to deal with sometimes and in those times it’s totally okay if you ugly cry….. At least that’s what I believe.

Thanksgiving with Celiac Disease

The reality is Holidays, and almost every special event is HARD when you’re forced to live gluten and dairy-free. In preparation for Thanksgiving this year, I had some thoughts I wanted to share.

A Pity Party But Not For Me….

Sometimes you need a good vent session. And when you are forced to live a lifestyle that you didn’t choose, you are justified in that vent session.

What to Say When Diagnosed With Celiac Disease

To my newly diagnosed friend I have been thinking lately about going back in time. If only we could, right? Specifically, I have been thinking about the things I would have done differently after being diagnosed with Celiac Disease. If I could go back in time and talk to my newly diagnosed self, here are…
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Celiac + PCOS + Dairy Free = Pregnant!!!

I can’t believe it. WE ARE EXPECTING!

A little over a year ago…..

A little over a year ago, I got the courage to start this page. It began with me sharing my passion and love of meal prep and slowly evolved into me being vulnerable and opening up about the most significant struggles I face with Celiac Disease and now PCOS. As I look back at the…
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Fox 13 The Place

Some behind the scenes of my first time ever on live TV! 

Meeting new people and talking about Celiac

Last night I had the opportunity to go out and meet these two sweet girls who also have Celiac Disease and their incredible Mothers. Becca reached out to me through social media, asking for help with her daughter Sophie who was recently diagnosed. I asked my Instagram/gym friend, whose daughter also has celiac disease, to…
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Gluten Belly!

This is what happens when I eat gluten. Yeah, it sucks.