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(Digital) Edition 6 - Clean Monday Meals

(Digital) Edition 6 - Clean Monday Meals

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Edition 6 is Clean Monday Meals Newest Cookbook

Inside Edition 6, you will find 39 new recipes that can be 100% Dairy-Free and Gluten-Free. What if you don't eat dairy-free or Gluten-free? You will still love these recipes because they work with whatever products prefer and have in your kitchen. Just swap the DF & GF products for your own.

If you have tried any of my recipes before, you know they are simple. I do not shop exclusively at expensive whole food stores, and I shop or have my groceries delivered from regular grocery stores like Walmart and Winco. My goal is to make meal prep, eating dairy-free, gluten-free affordable, and straightforward.

What is included in Edition 6: 

  • Serving sizes
  • Nutritional information of each recipe
  • My personal favorite dairy-free substitutes per recipe
  • Step by step instructions

How the digital download works: 

  • After you purchase the cookbook, you'll receive an email with a button to download the file. 
  • Download the file to whatever device you are on. This will work on any phone or computer. You will want to make sure you have a good internet connection, and you keep your browser open the entire time it's downloading. 
  • The file you downloaded is a PDF, and PDF files can be opened on just about any device you want to view the cookbook on—phones, tablets, iPads, computers, etc. 
  • I prefer to have physical copies of my recipes when cooking, so I would print out the book or the recipe you plan to make. This way, your screen doesn't time out, and you constantly have to wake your device up while your hands are messy. 
  • Enjoy! 
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