(Digital) Edition 6 – Clean Monday Meals


(Digital) Edition 6 – Clean Monday Meals


The digital version of Clean Monday Meals latest cookbook; Edition 6. Download it today.


Edition 6 is Clean Monday Meals Newest Cookbook

Inside Edition 6 you will find 39 new recipes that can be 100% Dairy-Free and Gluten-Free. What if you don’t eat dairy-free or Gluten-free? You will still love these recipes because they work with whatever products prefer and have in your kitchen. Just swap the DF & GF products for your own.

If you have tried any of my recipes before, you know they are simple. I do not shop exclusively at expensive whole food stores. I shop or have my groceries delivered from regular grocery stores like Walmart and Winco. My goal is to make meal prep, eating dairy-free, gluten-free affordable, and straightforward.

What is included in Edition 6: 

  • Serving sizes
  • Nutritional information of each recipe
  • My personal favorite dairy-free substitutes per recipe
  • Step by step instructions


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