(Digital) Gluten-Free Cheat Sheet – Clean Monday Meals

(Digital) Gluten-Free Cheat Sheet – Clean Monday Meals


In 2013 I was blindsided being diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I vividly remember how utterly lost I was and clueless where to start in my pantry or at the store. Thankfully, I had individuals who took the time to talk to me and help me understand what gluten was and how to make this lifestyle change. If it weren’t for them, I know it would have taken me much longer to find my way.

My intention in putting this cheat sheet together is to help you or your loved ones navigate the change to a gluten-free lifestyle. Luckily it’s 2019, and there are so many great options available to us. The unfortunate thing is unless you spend the money to test them out for yourself, you don’t know which ones are the best. This simple cheat sheet is compiled of all of my favorite items from the kitchen essentials like GF flour to the not so essential but delicious GF deserts.


I am not going to sugar coat it.

Eliminating gluten from your diet is HARD. My first trip to the grocery store to shop gluten-free was so overwhelming I cried. I had no idea where to start, I didn’t expect it all to cost so dang much, and worst of all I didn’t know if any of it tasted good. I was utterly and completely lost.

I know the struggle of a surprise diagnosis and the need to adjust your lifestyle and diet. It is for that reason I am so thrilled to share my favorite products with you. Every item listed in this cheat sheet is MY tried and true, the very best gluten-free products that I use in my own home and buy with my own money.

I hope this cheat sheet helps you along the way to a happy, gluten-free life!


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