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How To: Hard Boiled Eggs In Your Instant Pot

How to perfectly cook hard-boiled eggs in your instant pot. I show you how I do it step by step in this simple video.

Thanksgiving with Celiac Disease

The reality is Holidays, and almost every special event is HARD when you’re forced to live gluten and dairy-free. In preparation for Thanksgiving this year, I had some thoughts I wanted to share.

New E-Book Releasing Tomorrow!

Janae’s new E-Book will be released tomorrow!


Clean Monday Meal’s NEW Freezer meals to try out! All gluten-free and only two are not dairy-free. Yay!

Going Gluten-Free Made Easy

Going Gluten-Free made easy with some of my most favorite items I keep on hand at all times.

Disneyland Gluten-Free!

Come eat Gluten-Free with me and my family in Disney Land!

How to make gluten-free Ham and Potato Soup!

How to make Ham and Potato Soup.