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Clean Monday Meal’s NEW Freezer meals to try out! All gluten-free and only two are not dairy-free. Yay!

How to make gluten-free Ham and Potato Soup!

How to make Ham and Potato Soup.

New Freezer Meals!!

Freezer meals were invented for those who have a busy life. If you love saving time, money and being prepared with delicious while being healthy meals you will love these freezer meals.

Gluten Free Freezer Meals

I know some of you like your dairy. These are all gluten-free but not dairy-free. I used them before I went dairy-free. This makes 24 freezer meals total. It cost us $127.00 each for 12 meals; that is $10.50 per meal to feed your family! I have a family of five and have leftovers with…
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Freezer Meals

If you want easy meals for dinners. These freezer meals are your answer.